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My father, Alfred August Schaar, was born in 1909 and during the 20s, 30s, and 40s, regularly fished the Embarras River and Comet brook in Shawano County.  By the time I came along in the 50s, he and my mother relocated the family to Rock County near the Illinois border and my dad gave up fishing.  He did take my brother and I now and then, though, to his favorite spots when we journeyed north to visit relatives.  His favorite fly--he talked about it enough for me to remember its name--was the Silver Minnow.  I'm hoping someone in the group can tell me more about this fly and perhaps point me to a picture of one that might have been available in Shawano County or Northern Wisconsin during the decades my dad fished.  Many thanks.  

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Jeffry J. Treu
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    Hello Ted, my name is Jeff, I'm a member of CWTU and came across your question about the "Silver Minnow Fly ". Although your post is 6 months old according to the site, I will give your question a go even though you may already have an answer. I've been fly fishing for about 45 yrs and consider myself a little bit of a traditionalist in that I still enjoy tying and using some of the old classic patterns, especially for Atlantic Salmon. I can not say that I'm familiar with the "Silver Minnow Fly " but that's not surprising being there were so many great old fly patterns. Here's what I came up with, hope it is of some help.




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