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CWTU work days are scheduled during the spring, summer and fall.  Scott Bahn is our work day coordinator.  If you would like to receive additional information regarding a work day, please call Scott at 1-920-886-9651 or email him at sbahn@new.rr.com.

Workdays are an important activity of CWTU.  This is an opportunity to help make stream improvements and also an opportunity to get to know more about area streams.  Stream improvements help provide cover and spawning habitat that results in increased trout populations.  Workdays are open to both members and non-members and you can come and observe as well as assist in the workday activities. 

Electro-shocking is often done before and after doing major stream restoration work to assess the number and size of fish present.  We know from the work we have done and the results of the electro-shocking that our work has resulted in increased trout populations. Any changes in location and activity, cancellations due to weather or high stream flows, or other information will be posted here.

The upcoming dates for 2015 and tentative locations are as follows:

June 20th - Chaffee Creek - Take Hwy 22 south out of Wautoma towards Montello approximately 9 miles.  Turn right on Dixie Ave and travel roughly 2 miles to 14th avenue.  Take a left on 14th and go past the bridge, parking will be in the lot on the left side of the road.  The lot on the right side will be used for the TU trailer and DNR vehicles and equipment, just like last year.

July 18th - Chaffee Creek
August 15th - Chaffee Creek or West Branch of the White River
September 19th - West Branch of the White River

I will follow up with directions in a few weeks.  See you soon!


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