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Conserving, Protecting and Restoring Coldwater Fisheries

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Why join CWTU?

CWTU is always looking for people who are interested in helping to preserve, protect, and restore our trout waters. We welcome non-fishing people as well as those who like to fish, whether it be with a fly, spinner, or bait. You will find a group of people dedicated to preserving our cold water resources, and having fun in the process. You may find new fishing partners, learn new techniques, and, at the same time, be helping to preserve our environment.

Beside the new friends you will make, you will also receive the quarterly, national, Trout magazine, a TU Calendar, an official TU membership card, car rental and hotel discounts, personalized TU address labels, a TU decal, local chapter membership, a quarterly, Wisconsin newspaper, Wisconsin Trout, and our monthly, CWTU newsletter the Brookie News.

Interested in joining?
If you are not a member of Trout Unlimited and would like to join, we would like to make you a special introductory offer. For the special rate of $17.50 you can join TU as a new member by clicking on the following link www.tu.org/intro 
and enter Central Wisconsin 117 for the Chapter name and number. by joining now and entering the Chapter number in the form, you will have begun supporting Trout Unlimited and your Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Chapter before you even log off the computer.

Have membership questions?
John Tucker, CWTU Membership Chair, at 920-622-5401 or jtucker358@gmail.com if you have membership questions of questions about joining. There are various levels of membership available.

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