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New water monitors training on the Waupaca River

Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited has been actively involved in water monitoring since 2004. We are working in partnership with the WDNR's Water Action Volunteers. Currently, we are monitoring 55 steam sites with 38 teams and 95 volunteers.

CWTU River Keepers are looking for volunteers who would like to join their Central Wisconsin River Keepers group. Volunteers do not have to be Trout Unlimited members to participate. River Keepers are advocates for area streams, they monitor their streams once a month, they are watchdogs for invasive species and environmental problems, and they are organized into small teams that are responsible for specific streams. The program has been in existence for 15 years and it has been conducted with the support of the University of Wisconsin Extension and the Wisconsin DNR.

While water monitoring, River Keepers record water temperature, stream turbidity, the amount of flow, habitat quality, bug life, and the amount of dissolved oxygen. This data is posted on the Water Action Volunteers website (http://watermonitoring.uwex.edu/wav), which is available for public use. The experience in fun and rewarding.

To sign up to become a River Keeper and to attend the training session contact Bob Jozwowski (920-765-1887) or E-mail at bobjozwowski@gmail.com.

Water Monitoring Recording sheets:  Need to run some off?  Go to:  http://watermonitoring.uwex.edu/wav/monitoring/sheets.html 

2019 Wrap Up Meeting

Please save Monday, November 11, for our annual thank you dinner and wrap up meeting for River Keepers. We will start with a complimentary buffet dinner at the Fin N Feather in Winneconne at 5:30pm, with a program beginning at 6:30pm that will end promptly at 7:30pm. Bring your dissolved oxygen kits for collection. They will be updated with new chemicals and returned to you in April for the 2020 monitoring season. Thank you for all you work this year on our streams. 

2018 River Keeper of the Year Award

Bob Jozwowski presenting the River Keeper of the Year Award to Lynn and Frank Druecke. 

At the 2018 Wrap-up meeting for the CWTU River Keepers WAV stream monitoring season, the River Keeper of the Year Award was presented to Lynn and Frank Dreucke. Lynn and Frank have been long time tenured participants in the WAV program going bsck 12 years. They have been active monitors on three streams in Waushara County, West Branch of the White River, Bird Creek, and Willow Creek for over 6 years.  Lynn and Frank have also volunteered  to collect dissolved oxygen kits at the end of the season and refurbish the chemicals in each kit for redistribution to CWTU River Keeper teams. Frank has also helped man our River Keepers booth at Cabin Fever Days and Trout Fest to recruit new monitoring teams. The sure have made my job easier and it has been a pleasure to partner with them on our stream monitoring locations. 

2018 Wisconsin Volunteer Stream Monitoring Award Recipients

The University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are pleased to recognize these individuals for their efforts leading to increased participation in stream monitoring, collecting stream data, and sharing their knowledge and data. These awards were presented April 20, 2018, at the Water Action Volunteer Symposium in Stevens Point, WI. s

Outstanding Organization: Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited (CWTU) Riverkeepers. The Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been involved in water monitoring for over ten years, modeling the positive impacts of gaining and sharing knowledge through citizen science. The Riverkeepers monitor 25 sites in multiple counties while continuing  to seek new volunteers and new stream sites. They work closely with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff to monitor high priority streams where data is needed, and where their monitoring can save DNR staff time and money. The CWTU is also involved in the assessment of fish habitat structures, streambank restoration, and the expansion of water quality projects. Pictured (left to right) are Peggy Compton, UW-Extenstion Water Action Volunteer Coordinator; Bob Jozwowski, Coordinator for Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Riverkeepers; Llana Haimes, WDNR Water Action Volunteers Coordinator; Tim Asplund, WDNR Section Chief. 

(Photo taken by Doug Moore)

CWTU River Monitoring Teams for 2019

Pine River (3 sites)

Upper Tomorrow River

Hartman Creek

Emmons Creek
White River
West Branch of White River (6 sites)

Willow Creek (2 sites)

Bird Creek
Kill Snake River

Tagatz Creek

Peterson Creek 

South Branch Little Wolf

Twin Creek in Marinette

Fordham Creek
Sucker Creek

Wedde Creek

Mecan River

Lawrence Creek

Apple Creek

Sawyer Creek

South Branch Manitowoc River

North Branch of the Little Wolf River

Waupaca River

Yellow River 

Spring Creek in Billion

Stoney Brook

Soules Creek

Humphrey Creek

Upper Pine Creek

Carpenter Creek

Radley Creek


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